About us

The idea for styling actually started 35 years ago when our founder Nasanin Bahmani accompanied her uncles to a clothing fair in Cologne as a 4-year-old.


Nasanin Bahmani grew up in Cologne and her family had a production for children's clothing, so she helped them at trade fairs from an early age. She can still clearly remember the atmosphere at these trade fairs and her love for fashion and styling began.


Her professional journey led Nasanin Bahmani first to university degrees in completely different areas, just before she decided to follow her heart and her passion and to only deal professionally with what she loves - fashion.


In Germany they say: "Clothes make people" and Nasanin Bahmani wants to help people to be the best version of themselves. She herself has made a big transformation and knows how much it affects your life and how different you will feel.


Nasanin Bahmani has attended fashion and styling courses in recent years and has also worked as a stylist and fashion consultant. When she decided to start with her passion professionally, she graduated as a fashion designer, as well as a stylist at the Milan Fashion Campus and completed many trainings and courses  in the areas of creativity, fashion design and consulting.

Therefore did Nasanin Bahmani made her dream come true with #STYLING!


#BeStylishWithStyling                                    #BeTheBestVersionOfYourself                                           #StyleMePretty

Graduate of milan fashion campus